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Presentations + Workshops

Presentations + Workshops
Living Lands delivers presentations and workshops in collaboration with organizations such as local libraries, FCSS, schools, colleges, universities, garden clubs, and non-profits.

We’d be happy to join up with your community organization to share our knowledge.

presentations + workshops

Our presentations are generally 60 mins but can be customized to work with your organization.

gardening for biodiversity in zone 3

Identify what ecosystem you belong to, what growing zone you are in, and how to work within it. In this workshop, you’ll learn primary principles of ecological design such as observation, building healthy soil, understanding water management in your landscape, low-to-no greenhouse gas emissions by design, and increasing biodiversity.

Landscaping for Pollinators

Learn what pollinators are, why they are important, and how you can build pollinator habitats in your own backyard, business or community spaces. Landscaping for pollinators is one of the easiest ways for us to build connections with and within nature.

You will learn about what makes up pollinator habitat, how to select plants for pollinators, how to design with pollinators in mind, how to maintain pollinator habitat, and how to work with plants indigenous to the parkland and prairie ecosystems.


The landscapes that surround us are a reflection of our values. We have the opportunity through our relationship with the earth, to rethink how we design, maintain, and interact with our planet’s flora and fauna. Our landscapes can be designed to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and increase health and wellness of all life. When we compose with nature on all levels, we can create beautiful spaces, provide habitat for a diversity of life forms and build a greener planet.

Greening Up with Green Roofs

Alberta is “growing up” and making progress towards reducing our carbon footprint. We are literally growing up; Up to the roof tops! Green roofs (sometimes called ‘living roofs’) can play an important role in sequestering carbon, increasing energy efficiency, managing stormwater, reducing the heat island effect in urban settings, improving air quality, increasing biodiversity, creating local jobs, providing urban agriculture opportunities, improving health and wellbeing, and providing waste diversion. This session will introduce you to what makes a successful green roof in Alberta. It will provide you with a basic knowledge of the components of a green roof, green roof systems, green roof benefits, and a green roof plant pallet that works in our climate.

the edible garden sanctuary

This workshop will teach you how to connect to your space through the basic elements of land, air, water and fire. Discover and build connections within yourself and within your landscape. Designing your edible garden sanctuary encourages play, exploration, and creativity with the natural world. composing with nature, design your personal space with veggies, fruit, berries, flowers, vines, medicinal plants, and flowing water.

Growing & Using Indigenous Plants in the Landscape

Learn how to design and work with local indigenous plants in your landscape. You’ll learn how to start plants from seed, how to grow indigenous plants and how to design with them . Working with indigenous plants can help you connect to your landscape, get to know the plants and animals that once called this space home, and connect to the natural ecosystem services that indigenous plants provide.

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