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About Living Lands

We work with nature to co-create green spaces that protect pollinator habitat, enhance biodiversity and preserve environmental integrity.

According to the World Health Organization, biodiversity is a key environmental determinant of human health. Biodiversity and human health are interlinked in various ways.

Therefore, all of the world is our home, and interconnected, so when we design for the well-being of all species we design for our own well-being, health and quality of life too.

    About Our Founder, CynTHIA

    Cynthia Pohl is a professional Journeyman Landscape Gardener and accredited Green Roof Professional.

    Cynthia has over 20 years of experience working with indigenous plants within the Central Alberta region.

    Her work in the green roof industry has a focus on biodiverse green roofs; roofs that are designed and planted specifically to increase local plant diversity and provide habitat (food and shelter) for wildlife.

    She has worked with counties, municipalities, schools and colleges providing pollinator awareness presentations and workshops, creating pollinator gardens + trails, and building hands-on student led projects.

    Awards + Accolades

    2015 – Cities Alive Green Roofs and Walls Annual Conference – International Award of
    Excellence for Innovative Green Roof Design
    2011 – Alberta Emerald Award
    For commitment to preserving, protecting and enhancing Alberta’s environment.
    2011 – Watershed Ambassador
    Red Deer River Watershed Alliance
    2011 – Certified Backyard Habitat
    Canadian Wildlife Federation
    2000 – Top Apprentice Award – Landscape Gardener. Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry
    Training Board, Edmonton, Alberta
    1999 – Calgary Horticultural Society Scholarship. Calgary Horticultural Society, Calgary, AB

    Our Process

    In our first visit, we recognize the existing habitat, observe the landscape as a whole, and assess the physical and environmental characteristics of a site. We will review with the client the ideas, desires, and challenges for their project.
    With the physical and environmental characteristics of the site in mind, we will develop a base plan and work with broad concepts. This is play time! Working from general to specific, we will take your goals and dreams and create hand-drawn sketches to help you visualize your ideas.
    With the initial sketches completed, we’ll review and revise the concepts with the client. With their approval, we’ll move forward into identifying plant materials and features within the site and identify locations and quantities.
    Share the final design, drawn to scale, as a hard copy and PDF file, and included plant list with common and Latin names and quantities.
    We put the shovels and tools in the ground and start putting together our design at your site, adding native plants, features and all of your site goodies as we go.
    We develop a plan together on who is in charge of maintenance of the project going forward to ensure the health and sustainability of your project.

    Our Projects

    We’ve been involved in many different biodiverse projects like green roofs, biodiverse ecological landscaping, community restoration projects, environmental education just to name a few. You can see our latest projects here.